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Good Neighbor Policy
Doug Jeffries is back this week and he's helping us welcome Patrick Hunter, a 22 year old, blue-eyed stud that hails from Virginia. Well, Virginia is for Lovers so we definitely found ourselves a keeper. We asked these studs if they could spend their summer vacations anywhere in the world where that would be. Doug would head south of the border to Rio de Janeiro while Patrick would cross the pond to his motherland of Ireland. No wonder he's so pale. Today was Patrick's first time on camera and he says it was a lot of fun though he admits they call it "work" for a reason. There are many parts to a man so we asked these studs which they find most attractive. Patrick finds sexy, defined lats a major weakness. Doug can't pick just one and says he's attracted to guys with strong nose and a hot ass doesn't hurt either. As for indulgences Doug loves massages and Patrick loves treating himself to the chiropractor. A proper alignment can do wonders for the body. We wrapped it up by asking these studs which sexual act doesn't get enough attention and they both agree that good kissers are underrated.
The Blue Job
This week we have two new faces on ExtraBigDicks, Jake Masters and Dareian Blue. Jake is originally from Texas but now calls Fort Lauderdale home, having moved out here at the tender age of 18. Dareian is originally from Seattle and moved to Wisconsin and is now debating making the move to South Florida as well. We wondered if these studs wrote their own auto-biographies what would it be called and who would portray them in the movie version? "The Man That Could Never Have Enough." would be Jake's title and he'd want to play himself. If you want things done right... Dareian would call his book "Wild Life...Along for the Ride" and starring any one who could relate. On the movie topic, we wondered what kind of movies they like to watch. Jake likes adventure, action and psychological thrillers. Dareian likes thrill rides so he loves horror, action movies and mind fucks. He also loves porn and can't seem to get enough of it. Well they can both agree on that one and neither can pin down what they prefer. There's just so much porn to watch. We agree so let's stop talking and start making more. Porn, that is.
Chicken Done Right
This week we have some New England flavor that's been long overdue in these parts. Brenn Wyson is back with us this week and we have to admit we've missed his crazy antics and that signature accent. Originally from right outside of Boston, Brenn is 40 now and looking better than ever. Today Brenn is going to help Cody Robbinson, a sexy 22 year old from the Hoosier state, make his debut with us. This will be Cody's first time with a 40 year old and little does he know he's about to set the bar really high. Both of these hotties have tattoos so we wondered what the first tattoo they got was and what inspired them. Brenn's first tattoo was a drawing he made to honor his late brother who passed while stationed overseas. It runs the length of his right arm and has the Archangel Michael atop what became an intricate illustration representing not only his brother but his home town and friends he left behind in Boston and Brooklyn as well. Cody's first was his last name on his wrist. We then wrapped it up by asking them to tell us something about themselves that most people wouldn't expect. Cody used to do professional motocross and ended up breaking 2 ribs. "I don't think I can shock anybody out there anymore' Brenn grins, 'I've shocked them enough". He may have a point there...

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