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Twink Star to Porn Star...
Life sized dildo model,
Ben Andrews
Explosive Gay Twink Revealed!

Ben Andrews Porn StarBen Andrews (click on picture to see photo gallery & biography)

Well-hung, tall, good-looking gay porn star Ben Andrews is an exciting top with an uncut cock that's said to be 11 inches long and a staggering 9 inches in circumference! Lucas Entertainment claims that Ben's huge cock is the biggest dick in gay porn, which angered fellow performer Chad Hunt, himself no slouch in the package department. In 2006, Chad tried to start a fight with Ben over whose monster was bigger, though some fans have suggested it was all a publicity stunt. Chad finally backed up the studio's claim about Ben's measurements after the two stars teamed up to promote their joint films Michael Lucas' The Bigger The Better and Encounters 3: Flash Point. You can find Ben in some truly explosive films in our theater, including the sex comedy The Intern, in which he has the starring role and the cute box cover photo. 

Ben was born in Cleveland, Ohio in June 1985 and currently lives in New York City. In his off-screen sex life, Ben is rumored to be a bottom who's into voyeurism and guys with a Mediterranean look.

Soon you'll be able to take home a piece of this smooth twink, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof, when a life-sized dildo modeled on that majestic penis hits the sex toy stores.
 The Dildo Diaries Kings of New York Blowjobs Corruption
The Dildo Diaries Kings Of New York Blowjobs Corruption
Wall Street Return to Fire Island Cock Cribs A Knight With Wilfried
Wall Street Return To Fire Island Cock Cribs Michael Lucas' Auditions 28: A Knight With Wilfried
Cock Stalker La Dolce Vita
Director's Cut Part 2
The Intern La Dolce Vita
Director's Cut
Cock Stalker Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita: Director's Edition Part 2 The Intern Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita: Director's Edition
Brother's Reunion La Dolce Vita Michael Lucas Auditions 22 The Intern
Director's Edition
Brothers' Reunion Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita Michael Lucas' Auditions 22 Michael Lucas' The Intern Director's Edition
Gigolo The Intern
Director's Edition Part 2
Cruising Budapest 2
Ben Andrews
Encounters 3
Flash Point
Gigolo Michael Lucas' The Intern Director's Edition Part 2 Cruising Budapest 2: Ben Andrews Encounters 3: Flash Point
Michael Lucas Auditions 10 Gigolo Part 2 The Bigger The Better Finally Legal
Michael Lucas' Auditions 10 Gigolo Part 2 The Bigger The Better Finally Legal
Tony Capucci and Alex Vaara
What goes around comes back around. And so do our cockyboys. Tony has been enjoying his time back at the Cockyboys Mansion but he needed to take a break. So he went out for a hike only to run into one of our hungry little cock-sucker, Alex Vaara. (I swear to God, we're everywhere). Tony showed Alex a few exercises but all he wanted to do was put his dick inside his mouth and shoot like a loaded gun. So he decided to give the little one a chance (as if he ever had one...) and suggested that the make a bet- the usual "You lose, you suck" type of bet but hey - any way we can get cock in our boys' holes is fair game to me! Watch as Alex drools all over Tony's muscular body and worships much more than just his cock! This is every boy's fantasy come true. After all, that's what we do here- we make reality into fantasy... Or was it the other way around?
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Max Ryder and the Voyeur
Max gets to explore his fantasy along with another non porn performer. Max is always horny and up for anything, and he loves to show off and be watched. For this scene, I asked him if he had ever had anonymous sex before... meaning hooking up with a person he didn't know. He said no, but he was really turned on by the idea. So I found a super hot guy that Max had never seen before, and scheduled their scene. Max got no pictures or description beforehand, hadn't flirted with the guy on Grindr or anything: he went into this absolutely blind. I wanted to capture that moment of excitement, anticipation and fear of not knowing what to expect, and what I got was a great shot.
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Kennedy Carter fucks Stephen Forest
You know that feeling in the morning when you wake up and you just don't want to get out of bed... and your boyfriend's arms are still wrapped around you, the Sun's morning rays peaking through the window, trying to wake you up, but all you want to do is stick it up your boyfriend's butthole and spend the day pile-driving away? Well that's exactly what Kennedy Carter and Stephen Forest did when they found themselves in the same bed on a beautiful New York morning. Neither one of them wanted to get out of bed and I knew history was about to be made. Once Kennedy's uncut rock-hard cock found its way into Stephen's hole it's like there was no tomorrow for these two. They completely ignored the clock and spent the entire day fucking. If you're one of those geeks who pays attention to small details then you'll notice that the Sun outside changes from morning to evening and they didn't even take a break. Kennedy was like the energizer bunny, only not powered by batteries because then he would have given up half-way through the day. Not sure where he was getting his strength from to do all that fucking. It must have been Stephen's perfectly hairy and very accommodating hole which clearly was as eager to receive as Kennedy was to give. Needless to say that when they were both ready to shoot it was like two simultaneous explosions - as if they had practiced for that moment all of their lives and this was the final show. I guess Kennedy likes his morning mocha with a whole lot of milk in it.
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